Cornerstone Team Member Spotlight: Samantha Doty

Please join us in welcoming our newest employee, Samantha. Samantha has been with us for three weeks now, and she fits right in with our team! Sam enjoys working at Cornerstone Coworking because of the laid back atmosphere and the people she gets to meet every day. All of the members’ smiling faces definitely make her day.

Samantha was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up by the beach, and goes back every chance she can. Being away from the sand and the sunshine has been difficult for her, but you can pretty much always find her in the water, whether it’s a pool, white water rafting, or jetskiing at Lake Hartwell.

She enjoys spending time with her fiance, Robbie, and her two dogs, Rocky and Tyson. Her dogs are her pride and joy. She definitely is a ‘crazy dog mom.’ Samantha has always been passionate about all animals, and has a crazy obsession with giraffes! Their long necks and graceful walks have always been mesmerizing to her.

In Samantha’s spare time, she loves to travel around the US and study American history. Her latest adventure was to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. She fell in love with the architecture and beauty of the land. So much so, that Samantha decided to incorporate that same kind of feel into her upcoming wedding.

Samantha, more than anything, enjoys meeting new people. Next time you’re at Cornerstone, swing by and say hey!