Cornerstone Facility Updates

The Cornerstone Team is always looking for ways to improve our space to better fit our members. We have several fun new additions to our space. Here are a couple of our recent additions:

The Coworker Corner – located inside the kitchen

In our kitchen we have added the Coworker Corner. This is a place for you to post  information (i.e. flyers, news articles, announcements, etc.) that you think your fellow coworkers would enjoy. The idea is to encourage the community that is Cornerstone to support each and every member and what they have going on in their lives. 

Cornerstone Patio – located outside to the left of the front door

The weather is getting warmer and the pollen is starting to clear. Join us on the Cornerstone Patio for some fresh air during your work day. We are starting small for now but as Cornerstone grows we will add more tables. So grab a seat on the patio and enjoy our newest add-on! 
Stay tuned to more exciting updates coming to Cornerstone!