Member Spotlight | Keeyawna Porche

Keeyawna Porche, the owner of Porche Weddings and Special Events, started her business in 2008. She found her love to planning events while she was planning her senior trip to Mexico. Her passion for event planning stems from the ability to exercise her creativity and bringing everyone’s special days to life. Her favorite part about every wedding she is apart of, is when everyone takes a deep breath and the bride takes her first steps to walk down the aisle to the special man waiting for her! Keeyawna meet her husband, Damien, in the beginning of her business journey and as a team they have grown her business together.

Porche Weddings and Special Events has had an exciting year already as they continue to grow and expand. This year she received an award for Best of Gwinnett, not to mention that they have already more than doubled Wedding bookings from last year.

Keeyawna and Damien have been members of Cornerstone Coworking for over a year now. She loves having a space that creates a positive experience from the beginning for her clients. Throughout her time here, Keeyawna has built great relationships with other members. She has found a specific member, Beth Copeland, that she turns to for advice and direction in regards to her business.

Throughout the longevity of her business Keeyawna has learned some of the lessons the hard way. Her advice for new business owners would be to learn as much as you can about the field you choose, then know the value of your knowledge. Also, find a space that provides an atmosphere that encourages networking so that you can grow. In order to do what you love, you have to sell what you do! Keeyawna and her husband Damien are always eager to attend Cornerstone events and truly embrace being a part of the Cornerstone family.

Overall, Keeyawna hit the ground running when starting her business and she is evidence that hard work really does pay off!