3 Ways to Make Your Work (and Life) Incredibly Meaningful

One of the greatest perks to being an entrepreneur is getting to do what you love every day! If you are passionate about what you do it makes you’re like feel more meaningful. Here of are few ways to find that meaning we all look for! Check out all the details here.
1. Autonomy: How to be your own boss at any job
  • Ask for more flexibility.
  • Seek autonomy outside of your job.
  • Own or redefine your work.

“The next crucial aspect of meaningful work is to use your autonomy to pursue something that tests you–something that makes you grow and learn.”

2. Complexity: Feeling challenged but in control

“Many of the things we find challenging also give us immense joy.”

Ideas for more complexity at work:

  • Incorporate your passions and challenge yourself.
  • Be the best at what you do.
3. Make a direct connection between effort and reward

“We all need some sort of tangible reward for our efforts–the positive feeling and satisfaction or compensation that comes from creating a valuable product or service.”

Ideas for more direct connection between effort and reward at work:

  • Track your efforts.
  • Work for yourself.
  • Seek feedback.