How to Uniquely Market Your Small Business in February

All the Christmas and New Year’s promotions are over. What now? Believe it or not, February has some great potential for promotional materials and ideas! Check out these ideas to see what could work for you and your business! See all of the details here!

  1. Super bowl Marketing Tips for Your Small Business
    • Promote to People not watching the Game
    • Branded Party Supplies
    • Content Market…with Football!
    • Market with the Puppy Bowl
    • Do something Crazy
  2. Presidents Day Marketing Tips for your Small Business
    • Make it the 4th of July…in February
    • Everybody loves cherry pie!
    • Offer a retreat from Presidents Day madness
    • Throw a Birthday Party
  3. Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips for your Small Business
    • Learn Your Customers’ Attitudes Towards Valentine’s Day
    • Send an Email for Something Free … Now
    • Welcome Children
    • Give Away Valentine’s Day Gifts
    • Help Your Customers Buy Gifts