Take Charge Tuesday with GCBN’s Beth Copeland

As we reflect on the tragedy that occurred in Orlando this past weekend, Beth Copeland offers some words of encouragement in this week’s #TakeChargeTuesday. Our word this week is Peace, it is important to see God’s light even in the darkest of times. We look in John 16:33 to remember his light and to receive encouragement to find PEACE.

PURPOSE – understanding your purpose allows us to continue to move forward.
EXTINGUISH – do not allow the world to set your inner-self on fire. Extinguish all that you know is against you and your passion to pursue God.
ACCEPT – It is impossible to change the world, so accept the things you cannot control and focus on your personal journey
CONFIDENCE – you have to maintain confidence in yourself to maintain confidence in God
EXERCISE – physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Being active in all these ways allows our minds to be constantly growing and clears our heads of worldly chaos.