Why Choose Co-Working?

Why Choose Co-working?

By: Alex Smith

Sure, the commute is great, and you’ve worn the same outfit to work for the past three days, but sometimes working from home isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Why do people seem to be more productive while working with others? In the end, it comes down to two factors; self discipline, and workplace environment.

Self Discipline, a.k.a. What have I been doing all day? I consider myself disciplined in some areas, while entirely lacking in others. I am a multi tasker, procrastinator and haphazard napper at home, while extremely motivated at work and school. At home I pull my laptop out and flip on the TV for background noise. Five hours later I find myself deeply invested in a Real Housewives Marathon.

However, I am also fiercely independent. I resent busy work and love to branch out on my own. I enjoy making my own schedule and being my own boss. While nobody is looking over my shoulder, I let my creativity flow. Yet every worker-bee needs structure. Left with no schedule and completely to my own devices, my agenda would soon be circling the drain.

Thankfully, there is a solution. Popping up everywhere is the modern day alternative to the standard office. Co-working spaces provide an (often gorgeous) place to spend the day working. Joining one provides a designated work time and space, accountability and friendly faces, while still allowing you to take charge of your own schedule.

Most Cornerstone members arrive at the co-working space in downtown Lawrenceville anywhere from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. toting laptop bags and sporting wide grins (usually even before grabbing their morning coffee.) The open space soon fills up with the clatter of typing and the ever changing Pandora playlist in the background. Meetings in the conference room trickle in and out throughout the day as groups walk down the street to grab lunch. Overall, It’s a laid back, yet busy atmosphere. So whats the big difference from working at home? It’s simple, a motivating environment and much needed workplace culture.

Ultimately, Cornerstone members arrive happily because they choose to be here. They grab their usual spot in the loft to write, or their favorite conference room with the corner window. Some work in a quieter area, while some prefer to linger by the coffee and snacks.

At Cornerstone, taking a lunch break can double as networking or asking a co-workers advice on your next big idea. Inspiration isn’t too hard to come by. Experiencing writer’s block? Drop in on a Cornerstone event in the training room. Feeling cooped up? Join in on the daily 4 p.m. group stroll around the block.

So before another day of heading to the kitchen counter home office suite, keep the benefits of co-working in mind…and get back to work.