Cornerstone Membership Spotlight

What is a Co-working space without its members? Our new Cornerstone Membership Spotlight Project will highlight a new member each month, allowing an in depth look at what makes Cornerstone a great place to be. Our Spotlight Project begins with Kenneth Lane, a familiar and friendly face at Cornerstone. Read below for Kenneth’s full interview.

Cornerstone: Tell us about your business:

Kenneth Lane: “Full Scope Property Management Services. We are a security company that offers security patrol, camera installation, video monitoring and surveillance as well.”

C: What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

KL: “My favorite things to do in my free time and on the weekends is spend time with my family. I like outdoors, running, jogging and playing basketball.”

C: What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

KL: “Something that most people actually don’t know about me, is that I am a published poet, and I do spoken word. So a lot of people don’t know that about me.”

C:Whats something you are passionate about?

KL: “Well I’m passionate about what I do, security. Security is in everything that we do from the time that we wake up, to the time that we go to sleep. Sometimes we take that for granted. So I’m very passionate about it.”

C: Can you give us a short overview of how you came to be a member of


KL: “Well basically I was looking for office space. I was at the point to where our business was growing. We needed to interview people for positions, we needed to have meetings. I’m also a certified trainer and certified to teach first aid and CPR, so we needed space. And I just couldn’t ‘wing it’ any longer, so we needed to get office space.”

C: How do you utilize Cornerstone the most?

KL: “It’s a combination of conference rooms, because we are in a growth phase. We are interviewing people, trying to pull a sales team together, we’re trying to get new contracts as well. So I use the conference rooms and the facility as well. Everyone who has come here has definitely been impressed.”

C:What is the most exciting thing happening with your business right now?

KL: “The most exciting thing that’s happening is that we’re in a growth phase right now. We have an advertising campaign that’s coming up. We are bringing on a new campaign that we are working with daycare centers with a special program that’s called ‘watch me learn and grow.’ We’re doing video instillation with cameras, so right now it’s a really, really exciting time for us because we are growing.”

C: What has been your most memorable moment at Cornerstone?

KL: “Well my most memorable moment here is just the people. It’s just such a great environment to be around other people that are trying to make things happen, get things organized. It’s so funny, I was talking to one person and they actually knew a person that I was on a sales call with, and that I had to get an appointment with. It’s such a small world. But that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t talk and connect and that sort of thing, so that’s whats been great.”

C: What’s your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

KL: “My best advice is, if you have a plan, stick to the plan. Not to be discouraged. Be persistent , to be professional, to be powerful, and to be positive.”

C: How would you describe the co-working environment at Cornerstone?

A: “Well the thing once again is the people, the people here, their knowledge of what they do, So far the people i’ve met here have been very beneficial to me. They have been very encouraging to me. That is something that is really an intangible that you can’t buy.”

C: What suggestions do you have for Cornerstone to improve?

KL: “I would like for us to to do more events, more networking events. To make our environment a little more user friendly. And what I mean by that, is we now have a printer that we all can use, that sort of thing. Just keep doing those things and I think that it will make the environment better for everybody.”