🎢 Tell me something good πŸŽΆ


I am just sick of all of the sad news. For whatever reason, that tends to stick with us and weigh us down. We’re taking back the narrative and declaring only good things for this week!

We asked a few of you to Tell us something good – and boy, did we love your responses!! Check out the good things you’ve shared with us over the past few days!

  • I love my turtles
  • It’s almost Friday
  • Broken crayons still color
  • Today will be an amazing day because God is with us
  • I’m finally having surgery on the 26th, which will give me at least 6 months pain free!
  • I can feel the wind
  • I’m working out every night so I feel really happy in the mornings
  • They are using AI to help find cures for diseases that would’ve been considered incurable
  • I have happy + healthy kids and my Cohen will be 5 years old on Sunday!
  • My grandma made it through her hip surgery and the doctors are confident she’ll make a full recovery!


If you didn’t share with us, we want to know!! Share all of your good news with us, we want to hear it all!!